Mooshimeter Holder in Transparent Orange PLA

The Mooshimeter is a cool dual-channel multimeter than uses a BlueTooth LE transceiver to display its measurement(s) on a smart phone up to 50m away. We find it perfect for monitoring extruder temperature via the Z-Temp's Monitor output, but it kept getting knocked off the table so we designed this hanger which attaches to the M200's frame bolt heads magnetically.

The walls are just 1.5mm thick and there is no sign of splitting or warping anywhere - see the ruler photos for flatness. 

The precision of the M200® shows well on this print, although the fluourescent color is difficult to photograph. The side walls have a beautiful, almost-mirror finish. There was a bit of distortion on the round bosses from over-temperature; as with other PLA prints we've tried, auto-fan doesn't seem to provide quite enough cooling, so we will be using manual fan from now on, in conjunction with a mechanical fan damper to make adjustments during printing.

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